Encounters and Crossroads

It had been a moment. At least, for her. 

He had been the quintessence of a modern prince, she a parody of the modern damsel in distress. She supposed, if a romance novelist ever decide to shape a story based on their meeting, readers everywhere would probably lament their tedious beginnings. After all, her prince hadn’t walked through fire, climbed mountains, nor slain dragons for her. And she…she had been no princess patiently awaiting her true love at the top of her tower. 

Her distress had been a door—a three inch thick glass door, and arms laden with books. And his princely act had been but a mere moment of modern courtesy. 

And yet, when she finally reached that door to smile her thanks at him, when their eyes met for the very first time…It had undeniably been a moment. 

If one’s life was comprised of fateful encounters, could that have been one? 

In that infinitesimal moment in time, did her life change?